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We traveled through the Alps to discover the Lebkuchen biscuit, typical sweet of the Bavarian region in Germany, a specialty that features complex tastes and is prepared with dried fruits and spices. Thanks to the Lebkuchen Kit you will be able to recreate this famous Bavarian biscuit even through an incredibly spiced ice-cream, based on almonds and rich with honey. Top up your ice-cream with the smooth Lebkuchen Variegate, a delicious almond sauce enriched by bits of the original Bavarian biscuit, and create a fascinating blend of tastes and textures that are impossible to resist!

405701 “Lebkuchen” kit New! Composed by:
3,5 kg Lebkuchen Paste
+ 5 kg Lebkuchen Rippling Sauce
+ 1 ice cream label
+ 1 instruction sheet
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