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Our know how at your disposal

We want to support the passion and professionalism of ice cream makers, by sharing our know-how and ideas. Leagel’s gelato makers team has captured the secrets, knowledge and techniques refined through years of experience, in various recipe books, valuable tools that will help ice cream makers to do their job as real art.

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Iced Latte & Smoothies recipe-book

Try Iced Latte e Smoothies with the new products Loveria and Fruitcub3 by Leagel, a breath of fresh air in gelato parlours and cafés! Just a few ingredients for fresh and colourful drinks that will surprise you right from the first sip.

Available languages: Italian English

Loveria recipe-book, create perfect Italian cremini with ice cream and Leagel’s Loveria line

This recipe book will help the ice cream maker to bring the charm and taste of the eternal “Italian cremino” in the ice cream parlour. Combining Leagel’s  Loveria creams with artisan gelato in fact you can create that perfect combination of taste and texture that no one can resist.

Available languages: Italian English

Ricettario Fruitube 1 how to prepare fruit tubes

A special recipe book that helps every gelato maker by preparing step by step tasty Fruitubes. In this book you can find many classic and original recipes to offer something new in your gelato parlour!

Available languages: Italian

La vetrina degli artisti gelato

A fascinating recipe book that will help the ice cream maker creating always new and appealing flavors. Inside you will find many original recipes, all created by Leagel that will lead your ice cream step by step to success.

Available languages: Italian

La vetrina degli artisti pasticceria

All the secrets of confectionery and ice cream pastry, bound in a unique and special recipe book, which will help to create frozen desserts and ice cream cakes, real works of art for the eyes and for the palate.

Available languages: Italian

Stickaway, the recipe of ice cream on a stick

The Stickaway recipe book guides , step by step, ice cream makers in the creation and decoration of artisan ice cream on a stick, with original ideas to match the big variety of Leagel’s many coverings and endless  ice cream flavors, according to our philosophy: “top quality for ice cream”.

Available languages: Italian

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