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Our know how at your disposal

We want to support the passion and professionalism of ice cream makers, by sharing our know-how and ideas. Leagel’s gelato makers team has captured the secrets, knowledge and techniques refined through years of experience, in various recipe books, valuable tools that will help ice cream makers to do their job as real art.

Ricettario Gelato
A tool designed for the modern gelato maker, easy to use and full of original ideas for creating a winning display case. Inside you will find a varied proposal for your shop, from yoghurt to the most trendy cream flavours… but also innovative fruit sorbets.

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Ricettario Loveria
Bring the charm and taste of the timeless “Italian cremino” to your gelato parlour. Combine Loveria’s delicious creams with artisan gelato and create the perfect match of flavours and textures.

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Ricettario Iced Latte & Smoothies
Prova Iced Latte e Smoothies con i nuovi prodotti Loveria e Fruitcub3 by Leagel, una ventata d’aria fresca in gelateria e caffetteria! Solo pochi ingredienti per bevande fresche e colorate che stupiscono al primo sorso.

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STICKAWAY RECIPE BOOK – how to prepare gelato on a stick
The Stickaway recipe book guides gelato makers step by step in making and decorating artisan gelato on a stick, with original ideas for combining the entire range of Leagel chocolate coatings with the most varied gelato flavours.


Ricettario Gelato Vegan
“Gelato Vegan” is the Leagel product line dedicated to the preparation of vegan gelato, without animal fats, without lactose, without cholesterol, gluten free, ogm free, with olive oil and rich in vegetable fibres. All the products of the “Gelato Vegan” line are guaranteed VeganOk.

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FRUITUBE RECIPE BOOK NO. 1 – how to prepare the famous fruit popsicle
A recipe book that guides the gelato maker step by step in the preparation of the tasty and refreshing Fruitube popsicles. Inside you will find many traditional fruit recipes to create a complete and irresistible offer!


FRUITUBE RECIPE BOOK NO. 2 – how to give the famous fruit popsicle a special touch
The second Fruitube recipe book for making fruit popsicles with a special twist: multi-flavoured, tropical, with yoghurt, alcohol or in combination with juices and vegetables.


ICE MIX RECIPE BOOK – alcoholic gelato
The new alcoholic gelato proposal, a lively idea to live the happy hour mood also in your gelato parlour!

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