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Leagel is a thriving industry that is now claimed as a point of reference for the entire field of semi-finished products for ice-cream shops and pastry, in Italy and abroad. We have demonstrated over the years a strong global perspective, starting from Germany we have developed a successful business network and through collaboration with professional distributors we export all over the world. In 2001 we set up our second production facility , Leagel America Do Sul, in the middle of Brazil, developing an international channel that every day helps to introduce the Italian gelato in America and the world. Leagel America Do Sul is today the leader in Brazil in the field of semi-finished products for ice-cream and pastry shop.

The experience over the years allow us to know all laws and food regulations that each country imposes in order to be able to adapt our semi-finished products, without giving up excellence.

We offer our partners a continuous technical support, a full integration training with the company and the products. We provide to professionals our experience and our ideas, creating a synergy that makes Leagel and the World a winning combination.
We want to share our passion, know-how, tradition and secrets handed down from generation to generation to rediscover a part of Italy all over the world.

Leagel S.r.l.

Strada delle Seriole, 55
47894 Chiesanuova (RSM)

Tel: 0549 999435 – Fax: 0549 999477
International Phone: 00378 0549 999435
oppure 00378 999435

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