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All the authenticity of fresh fruit in the ice cream cone! Concentrated pastes produced thanks to an innovative processing method that preserves the freshness and organoleptic properties of every fruit. FRUITCUB3 is the practical and revolutionary solution for a natural and tasty fruit gelato.


Eight flavours and a single common denominator: a very high percentage of fruit and quality raw materials. FRUITCUB3 is a complete product with a fruit content of over 70%, easy to use and perfect for preparing other refreshing drinks such as Sicilian granitas, cocktails and smoothies.

La ricetta Fruitcub3


Fruitcub3 PeraPEAR. Use it in your creations to enhance the natural sweetness of the fresh fruit with a natural and non-oxidised colour.

Fruitcub3 MangoAPHONSO MANGO. Produced with the superior variety “Alphonso” is perfect for preparing a juicy, authentic-tasting gelato.

Fruitcub3 PapayaPAPAYA. From the tropical fruit of longevity, a new product for colorful and refreshing sorbets.

Fruitcub3 MaracujaMARACUJA. Exotic meets gelato… with lots of crispy seeds and a natural sweet taste.

Fruitcub3 FragolaSTRAWBERRY. Few calories, lots of taste. The most beloved fruit in a new paste with a unique sweetness.

Fruitcub3 AmarenaBLACK CHERRY. The fleshyness of fresh black cherries with a flavour and colour that make their mark.

Fruitcub3 LamponeRASPBERRY. Bright colour and sour taste for an unforgettable experience with your gelato.

Fruitcub3 MirtilloBLUEBERRY. The beneficial properties of blueberry in a delicate and extremely versatile product.



Code Product VEGAN Gluten free imballo temperatura
344030 Fruitcub3 Pear 6 x 1,55 kg Cold
344130 Fruitcub3 Maracuja 6 x 1,55 kg Cold
344230 Fruitcub3 Papaya 6 x 1,55 kg Cold
344330 Fruitcub3 Alphonso Mango 6 x 1,55 kg Cold
344430 Fruitcub3 Raspberry 6 x 1,55 kg Cold
344530 Fruitcub3 Strawberry 6 x 1,55 kg Cold
344630 Fruitcub3 Blueberry 6 x 1,55 kg Cold
344730 Fruitcub3 Black Cherry 6 x 1,55 kg Cold

>> FRUITCUB3 products are also gluten free and without emulsifiers and/or vegetable fats! <<


Dosage for 1 Lt. of milk
Dosage for 1 Lt. of milk
Dosage for 1 Lt. of water
Dosage for 1 Lt. of water
Dosage for 1 Kg. og base mix
Dosage for 1 Kg. og base mix
H=Hot C=Cold
Gluten free
Gluten free
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