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A unique mix of flavours, for Lovers of Chocolate, in 9 inimitable high quality flavours.


Without hydrogenated vegetable fat, no artificial colorings, with a high percentage of chocolate, Leagel covers are suitable to enrich and decorate ice creams, frozen desserts, portions and, absolutely new, ice-cream on stick.
A new trend for ice-cream shops, ice-cream stick is easy to prepare, with a strong visual impact and the success is guaranteed.

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  • Very high Quality

    Without hydrogenated vegetable fat
    No artificial colours
    With a high percentage of chocolate

  • Easy to prepare

    With our promotional complete kit for your ice-cream sticks, you can easily create an entire menu of different combinations to give your Customers an irresistible choice.

  • Very rapid to be served

    The Customers see, choose and you give them the ice-cream stick! You prepare it before.
    No queue in front of your show-case!

  • Very successfull… of course

    The goodness of your ice-cream will be added to the Stickaway coverings: the quality of LEAGEL together with your fantasy in creating new combinations, will render STICKAWAY the best-seller in your ice-cream parlour.

Stickaway Jewels

Le Coperture Stickaway ti permettono di preparare non solo gelato su stecco, biscotto, miniconi e semifreddi, ma anche eleganti Stickaway Jewels, per un goloso ed originale assortimento di cioccolateria fredda nella tua gelateria.

stickaway jewels



Code Description Gluten free dosaggio kg imballo temperatura
115101 Base Stickaway® 100 6 x 2 Kg C
220130 Stickaway® White Chocolate covering 6 x 1,2 Kg H
220230 Stickaway® Milk Chocolate covering 6 x 1,2 Kg H
220330 Stickaway® Dark Chocolate covering 6 x 1,2 Kg H
220430 Stickaway® Coffee covering 6 x 1,2 Kg H
220530 Stickaway® Pure Hazelnut covering 6 x 1,2 Kg H
220630 Stickaway® Pure Pistachio covering 6 x 1,2 Kg H
220730 Stickaway® Strawberry covering 6 x 1,2 Kg H
220830 Stickaway® Lemon covering 6 x 1,2 Kg H
220930 Stickaway® Caramel covering 6 x 1,2 Kg H
210401 Chocolate covering for Stracciatella 2 x 5 Kg H
210430 Chocolate covering for Stracciatella in bottle 6 x 0,9 Kg H


Dosage for 1 Lt. of milk
Dosage for 1 Lt. of milk
Dosage for 1 Lt. of water
Dosage for 1 Lt. of water
Dosage for 1 Kg. og base mix
Dosage for 1 Kg. og base mix
H=Hot C=Cold
Gluten free
Gluten free
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