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Rock ice cream is the taste of the 50’s, and if it had existed then, Elvis Presley and Bill Haley would have got an attack of indigestion!

gelatorock-materiale-promozionaleIt ‘a creamy ice cream enriched with a delicate melted milk chocolate and a rainfall of small pieces of hazelnut that while playing rock, in the mouth make crock!

Advertising material

Discover a set of marketing instruments of high visibility and impact for the sale point.

Roter 38×30 cm


Cod. Description imballo
313405 Gelato Rock® Paste 2 x 3,5 KG
231001 Gelato Rock® Variegato 2 x 5 KG
401701 Kit “Gelato Rock” * Composto da 7 kg Gelato Rock Pasta
+ 10 Kg Gelato Rock Variegato
+ box pubblicitario Gelato Rock
* Disponibile anche in lingua tedesca
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