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Soya ice-cream, made from soya extracts and other vegetable-based ingredients, is ice-cream that has been specifically created for those with weight problems, for those who want to keep in shape by eating healthy yet tasty food and especially for those who are intolerant to milk, milk proteins and lactose.


Ideal for those suffering from milk intolerances.


A diet based on cholesterol-free foods helps to reduce cardiovascular problems and the risk of a heart attack.


Soya ice-cream only contains vegetable fats. Nutritional guidelines recommend that two thirds of our daily ration of lypids should come from vegetable sources.


Fructose is an easily-absorbed source of energy from fruit which alters blood glycaemia levels far less than sugar.


Fibre helps the intestine to function efficiently and reduces the absorption of fats and cholesterol.


Suitable for those who want to keep in shape without having to miss out on taste.

Tasty, healthy soya ice-cream, just as creamy and tempting as traditional ice-cream, is the perfect way of enjoying all the balanced nutritional and health-giving properties of soya.

10 good reasons to try soya ice-cream


Soya proteins are well-balanced in terms of their essential amino acid composition and have the highest biological value of all vegetable proteins. A diet based on soya and rice provides good alternative sources of protein to a diet based on animal products, such as meat and eggs.


As soya ice-cream does not contain lactose it is suitable for those who are allergic to milk. National statistics show that an increasing number of young babies suffer from this type of metabolic disorder. Now, at last, children with milk allergies can enjoy the great taste of hazelnut or chocolate ice-cream!

Cholesterol free

Soya ice-cream differs from traditional ice-cream in that it does not contain cholesterol, the main risk factor in cardiovascular diseases. According to the American National Institute of Health, cholesterol levels should not exceed 200 mg/l of blood. A healthy diet based on cholesterol-free products helps to keep cholesterol levels within the recommended limits.

Soya lecithin

Lecithin, one of the best-known components of soya seeds is continuing to attract increasing attention thanks to its health-giving properties. It has been scientifically proven that the phospholipids contained in lecithin, that are similar to natural estrogens, help prevent mental tiredness by boosting concentration and memory. In addition, soya lecithin also aids the digestion of fats, lowers cholesterol levels and helps beat physical stress.

Vegetable fats

Soya is particularly rich in vegetable fats which differ from animal fats in that they help the body to function correctly being made up of triglycerides containing long chains of polyunsaturated fat acids.

Vegetable fibres

Vegetable fibres belong to a particular category of carbohydrates that are not digested by the human gastrointestinal system but which have a series of positive effects on the body:
Anti-hunger effect.
Intestine-stimulating effect.
Barrier effect.
Probiotic effect.

Vitamins and mineral salts

Soya is very rich in both mineral salts (calcium, phosphorous and iron) and vitamins (especially the B group), which we all require for our growth, natural metabolism and physical well-being.


Soya ice-cream does not contain saccharose but is sweetened with fructose, a natural carbohydrate normally found in all living cells. It provides a useful source of rapid-release energy for sports enthusiasts and thanks to its characteristics its metabolisation causes only minimum variations in blood glycaemia levels in contrast to those recorded following the consumption of other sugars. It has been seen that when the same number of calories are consumed in the form of different sugars blood glycaemia readings are lower following the consumption of fructose than either saccharose or glucose.


Soya ice-cream is a tasty alternative to its traditional counterpart and is suitable for those with food allergies as well as for those who want to keep in shape without having to give up tempting desserts!
The properties of light, easily-digestible soya ice-cream also make it an ideal meal substitute.

Taste and tradition

Soya is an ancient food that, according to Chinese writings, was cultivated as long ago as 2800 B.C. Originally consumed mainly by vegetarian Buddhist monks, soya went on to spread across China and throughout the East. Today soya provides a wider range of food stuffs than any other vegetable product and thanks to its exceptional characteristics it is now widely consumed throughout the world.
Enjoy the benefits of the excellent nutritional properties of soya ice-cream and its great delicate taste at the same time.
It is the perfect combination of flavour, diet and health.


Water 67,00%
Total fats 3,20%
Protein 2,10%
Carbohydrates 22,00%
Fibre * 5,50%
Mineral salts 0,21%
Kcal per 100 g. 125,2
KJ per 100 g. 523,00
* Equal to 30 % of the R.D.A.


Cod. Description dosaggio-acqua imballo temperatura
150101 Soy base (with fructose) VeganOk! 500 12 x 1,25 kg H (50°)
150401 Soy Chocolate (with fructose) VeganOk! 500 12 x 1,25 kg H (50°)
151101 Soy Vanilla (with fructose) VeganOk! 500 12 x 1,25 kg H (50°)
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