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Lemon Pie kit

We got to the East Coast to catch the full taste of the Lemon Pie, a worldwide famous pie due to its fresh contrasting flavours, and we have used it in our new special kit. With the Lemon Pie Kit you get the chance to recreate this exquisite pie in the form of lemon and […]

Pavlova Kit

The Pavlova cake is a real crunchy delight, based on golden meringues, covered with whipped cream and often decorated with fresh fruit. From now on, thanks to the Pavlova Kit, ice-cream makers can bring the same taste and structure of the delicious Pavlova cake also to artisan ice-cream parlors, by preparing an ice-cream that tastes […]

CioccoCrunch Kit

The right kit to make a delicious ice cream with the typical taste of Piedmont. With the CioccoCrunch Kit you can create a true Gianduja Ice Cream and dress it with the newest CioccoCrunch Ripple, a cream of fine milk chocolate with hazelnuts enriched with crunchy pieces of wafer. This product joins the “Cioccogolosi”, the […]

Lebkuchen Kit

We traveled through the Alps to discover the Lebkuchen biscuit, typical sweet of the Bavarian region in Germany, a specialty that features complex tastes and is prepared with dried fruits and spices. Thanks to the Lebkuchen Kit you will be able to recreate this famous Bavarian biscuit even through an incredibly spiced ice-cream, based on […]