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Fruit, taste and nature all in one Tube!

Fruitube® is the new way to enjoy fruit in spring and summer, on the beach and in town! Fruitube is always fresh, easy to bite, without drips, synonymous of health and goodness and can be prepared by the ice cream maker in a few simple steps, with lots of fruits and no sugar.

A “100% natural” idea, a proposal which is impossible to resist!

Fruitube is tasty and refreshing, 100% natural and sweetened with fructose. A healthy and tasty snack since it contains lots of fruits, rich in vitamins and minerals and zero fats. Fruitube allows you to extend the products choice in your ice cream shop! It is a colorful and refreshing break for adults, a genuine snack for children, a recharge for sportsmen and a natural break for those who want to stay fit!

Fruitube Recipe Book n° 1

>> download the recipe book

The great Fruitube marketing campaign

fruitube marketing campaign

So much goodness in no time!

Practical, delicious and colorful, Fruitube is the new proposal for the traditional ice cream parlor, an irresistible taste explosion. It can be prepared in a few simple steps, and thanks to the technical instruments that Leagel delivers to the ice cream maker, the Fruitubes will be ready in an instant and displayed directly in the showcase!


FRUITUBE advertising… is ready for you!

In order to create a hit for the Fruitube, Leagel provides also a recipe book, 2 posters and an advertising totem to be placed in the shop, an irresistible attraction for your customers!
In Fruitube you’ll find Leagel’s finest quality, a product that represents a winning and healthy idea for every summer!

kit Fruitube

Code Description Gluten free imballo
126401 Fruitube Base VeganOk! 6 x 2,5 KG
404401 Kit “Fruitube” Includes:
15 Kg Fruitube Base
+ 1 display for 28 tubes
+ 200 tubes + 2 Fruitube Recipe Books
+ 1 Fruitube advertising totem + 2 Fruitube posters


Dosage for 1 Lt. of milk
Dosage for 1 Lt. of milk
Dosage for 1 Lt. of water
Dosage for 1 Lt. of water
Dosage for 1 Kg. og base mix
Dosage for 1 Kg. og base mix
H=Hot C=Cold
Gluten free
Gluten free
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