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Gold Line, a superior quality choice

Gold Line is the most ambitious goal achieved in this research. Diamond spearhead of Leagel production, this line combines the best Italian gelato tradition to innovation through the most modern methods of production. Gold Line offers a selection of “classic” flavours made unique through the choice of refined and exclusive raw materials deriving from the respective areas of excellence. High quality ingredients, therefore, for a variety of unique and exclusive flavours.linea gold_packaging

Gold Line offers to ice cream makers a range of refined and high quality products, to create a unique and excellent ice cream, and to the most demanding and attentive Customers an indispensable opportunity to enjoy an ice cream for connoisseurs.

Copertura al Cioccolato fondente Grand Cru

Dark Chocolate Covering Grand Cru

The heart of the finest chocolate is this most precious cocoa. The Grand Cru Dark chocolate covering is the perfect marriage between the finest cocoa beans of Ecuadorian plantations and the mastery that distinguishes us by the selection and method of working. Through controlled roasting, careful refining, the long-term conching lasting 60 hours, and the specific tempering, we achieve an excellent product with lasting fragrance in which strong and passionate cocoa tones are blended with those delicate ones of vanilla and dried fruits. It is the truest and purest “stracciatella” that chocolate lovers do not yet know.

Gold Vanilla

Gold Vanilla Paste

The combination of the aroma of Bourbon Vanilla pods from Madagascar and the essential oils of Sicilian citrus fruits which have rested for more than 48 hours in our production tanks has given life to the Gold Vanilla. A journey full of emotions from the beauty of the landscapes and the intensity of African wildlife, to the leading production technology of our factories and the continuous pursuit of excellence: the end result is a vanilla ice-cream that really makes a difference.

Pistachios Pesto Gold Line

Pistachios Pesto

We set out to discover the finest cultivation in the hinterland to ensure that our product is a fitting tribute to the pursuit of excellence. It is in the sensitivity and delicacy of the purest pistachios where the secret of Leagel Pistachios Pesto lies hidden; it is a superior product, unique of its kind, which is produced grinding the pistachios as in an ancient recipe that follows natural traditions and preserves the delicate taste and unmistakable aroma of the Mediterranean pistachio.

Pistacchio Verde di Bronte Gold Line

Pistacchio Verde di Bronte PDO Paste

All the taste of Sicilian excellence in your ice-cream parlour. Bronte pistachios, known and appreciated all over the world for their intense flavour, grow in the volcanic soil of Mount Etna’s slopes, are harvested by hand every two years and are processed within 24 hours from harvesting. This is the secret of the queen of Italian delights in the ice-cream parlour, the flagship of Leagel pistachio paste line. This delicious paste is part of the Gold Line, dedicated to those who are constantly looking for the highest quality products, guaranteed by the P.D.O. certification.

Piedmont PGI Hazelnut Paste Gold Line

P.G.I. Piedmont Hazelnut Paste

We explored the Langhe area to find the best available Hazelnuts and brought them to our factories to transform them with tender care. The P.G.I. Piedmont Hazelnut Leagel paste only uses the P.G.I. Piedmont Hazelnuts Gold Line guaranteed by the Ministry of Agriculture and is produced with a unique manufacturing technique so as to preserve its rare and distinctive taste.

Hazelnut Pesto Gold Line

P.G.I. Piedmont Hazelnut Pesto

Our innovative recipe rediscovers the traditions, flavours and aromas of the past. Through an extensive research in taste, we bring to your ice-cream parlour a unique product made by skilfully toasting and grinding the most refined P.G.I Piedmont hazelnuts with certified quality. Our Hazelnut Pesto is a priceless treasure: the perfection of nature combined with our expertise makes it a superior product.

Avola Almond Paste Gold Line

Avola Almond Paste

Sweet, light, delicate, with a unique flavour, the Avola Almond Paste contains all the merit of the most sought after almonds, to make your creations, a masterpiece of taste and tradition. The care in the selection of the almonds, that grow in the Noto Valley between Siracusa and Ragusa, the most modern methods of processing them together with an ancient recipe are our ode to the contemplation of goodness. Furthermore there is a quality guarantee from the Avola Almond Consortium, which makes our product even more special.

Avola Almond Pesto Gold Line

Avola Almond Pesto

Our Avola Almond Pesto tells a love story, a fairy-tale where the sweet delicate flavour of almonds meets the sophisticated process of making pesto, that allows almonds to retain their wonderful aroma and gives to this product a unique texture. This brand-new taste experience will take you to a deliciously happy ending and beyond.


Advertising material

40 x 40 cm advertising panels.


Code Description Gluten free dosaggio kg imballo temperatura
212905 PGI Piedmontese Hazelnut Paste VeganOk! 100 1 x 3,5 KG H/C
213305 Avola Almond Paste VeganOk! 100 1 x 3,5 KG H/C
312505 Vanilla Gold Paste VeganOk! 30 1 x 3,5 KG H/C
212605 Pistachio Pesto VeganOk! 100 1 x 3,5 KG H/C
214605 Avola Almond Pesto VeganOk! 100 1 x 3,5 KG H/C
214705 PGI Piedmontese Hazelnut Pesto VeganOk! 100 1 x 3,5 KG H/C
214905 PDO Bronte Green Pistachio VeganOk! 80 1 x 3,5 KG H/C
213205 Grand Cru Dark Chocolate Covering VeganOk! 1 x 3,5 KG H