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Iced Latte & Smoothies

Try Iced Latte e Smoothies with the new products Loveria and Fruitcub3 by Leagel by Leagel, a breath of fresh air in gelato parlours and cafés! Just a few ingredients for fresh and colourful drinks that will surprise you right from the first sip.

Relaxing Gelato
Relaxing Gelato

Quality tisanes are turned into ice cream. Discover these three new flavours and recreate the pleasure of herbal teas at your ice-cream parlour.

I Pesti Leagel
I Pesti

Three unique products are obtained from the wise roasting and milling of Pistachios, Almonds and Hazelnuts with designation of origin. Discover “I Pesti”

Muffin ice-cream

Muffin Leagel: a new ice-cream rich in taste and great business opportunities.

Soy ice-cream

Soya ice-cream, made from soya extracts and other vegetable-based ingredients.

Gold Line

A superior quality choice.

Covering Line Stickaway

A bite of sublime pleasure.

Chocolate Ice-Cream

Leagel introduces a great innovation, that kinkles the passion and inflames your sales.

Gelato Rock

a delicate melted milk chocolate and a rainfall of small pieces of hazelnut.


Fruit, taste and nature all in one Tube!

Vegan Gelato Leagel
Vegan Gelato

The Leagel’s new line products dedicated to vegan gelato, free of animal fats, lactose, cholesterol, gluten and GMOs, made with olive oil and fibers.

Loveria, cream for the artisanal gelateria

Loveria is the special cream for the artisanal gelato available in 5 flavors. Discover the new packaging created for Loveria!


To recharge energy… and goodness!

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