catch the wave!

Cremosette is the perfect creamy spread for pastry applications! Surprising taste and texture for desserts and baked pastries filled and decorated to perfection.
Catch the wave, try Cremosette!


the wave

Cremosette is the ideal product for pastry making. A high quality cream that enhances the goodness and genuineness of the raw material. You can trust Cremosette!


and more

With the new Cremosette line you can fill baked pastries such as tarts and croissants, glaze cakes and desserts or flavour them, as in the case of mousses, semifreddos and Bavarian creams.
Free your imagination and enrich your creations with Cremosette!

your pastries

your cakes

your desserts


your flavour

With Cremosette you are spoilt for choice! Try all flavours: Gianduja, White Chocolate, Pistachio, Hazelnut, Almond, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut & Cocoa and Salted Butter Caramel

Try Cremosette also for filling your panettone, croissants and donuts: download the recipe book!


with new gadgets for your laboratory

For easy and clean application of Cremosette, use the handy, reusable, robust stainless steel dispenser with customisable dispensing. Ideal for filling brioches, croissants and all kinds of leavened pastries. For you, there are also customised piping bags and handy dough scrapers.

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    Cod. Product Packaging
    240801 Cremosette Gianduja 2 x 5,5 KG
    240901 Cremosette White Chocolate 2 x 5,5 KG
    241001 Cremosette Pistachio 2 x 5,5 KG
    241101 Cremosette Hazelnut 2 x 5,5 KG
    241201 Cremosette Almond 2 x 5,5 KG
    241301 Cremosette Dark Chocolate 2 x 5,5 KG
    241401 Cremosette Milk Chocolate 2 x 5,5 KG
    241701 Cremosette Hazelnut and Cocoa 2 x 5,5 KG
    241801 Cremosette Salted Butter Caramel 2 x 5,5 KG


    Dosage for 1 Lt. of milk
    Dosage for 1 Lt. of milk
    Dosage for 1 Lt. of water
    Dosage for 1 Lt. of water
    Dosage for 1 Kg. og base mix
    Dosage for 1 Kg. og base mix
    H=Hot C=Cold
    Gluten free
    Gluten free
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