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The new cream and raspberry flovoured Trolls Gelato delight everyone with its sweet’n’sour fruity note.

Pistachio by Leagel

We carefully and passionately select the best pistachios to transform them into top-quality products for artisan gelato parlours, pastry shops and restaurants. A story of commitment and research in continuous evolution.


zHero is the new Leagel product line with no added sugar, lactose-free and gluten-free that offers the winning taste of artisan gelato with a healthy twist.

loveria crunchy pecan
Loveria Crunchy – Pecan

Loveria Crunchy – Pecan is the taste and texture revolution that was missing in the display case, ideal for a modern, up-to-the-minute cremino gelato.

agrumi cannella e pepe di sichuan
Citrus Fruits, Cinnamon and Sichuan Pepper

A fresh and scented sorbet, both sweet and spicy. A unique symphony of local and international aromas: orange, lemon, grapefruit, and bergamot meet cinnamon and Sichuan pepper for an unprecedented gelato experience.

mango pesca e semi di chia
Mango, Peach and Chia Seeds

The new summer sorbet is made with mango and peach, aromatic and thirst-quenching, naturally sweet and with an interesting texture thanks to chia seeds.

variegato noce di romagna e caramello
Romagna Walnut and Caramel Rippling Sauce

The original Romagna walnut, with the buttery, intense flavour of its crunchy kernels, dives into a mouth-watering caramel and Belgian biscuit sauce to create a special ripple.

variegato visciola
Morello Cherry Variegato

Deep red colour and sweet-sour flavour: this is the prized Leagel Morello Cherry Variegato with whole fruits, a gourmet product for true connoisseurs inspired by genuine suggestions of times gone by.  

choco granola
Choco Granola

Delicious white chocolate ripple with honey granola, a refined and flavoursome sauce perfect for recreating the experience of a healthy and nutritious breakfast in the gelato parlour. 

choco berries and seeds
Choco Berries and Seeds

Sensational white chocolate and blueberry sauce with chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and freeze-dried whole red berries: a perfect mix of sweetness, delicate crunch and healthy goodness!

choco pop corn
Choco Pop Corn

A mouth-watering and rich ripple made of velvety caramel sauce enriched with whole caramel popcorn and crunchy roasted corn kernels for an even more intense taste experience. 

dulce de leche
Dulce de Leche

Directly from Argentina, the traditional recipe for dulche de leche, the milk and sugar-based cream with an unmistakable caramelised flavour perfect for both gelato and pastry making.

pasta pistacchio nobile
Pistachio “Nobile” Paste

Pure paste of carefully selected pistachios for a gelato with an authentic and natural flavour, enriched with Sicilian sea salt for a pleasant savoury note that enhances even the most rounded roast.

caffè solubile 100% arabica
100% Arabica Soluble Coffee

A freeze-dried 100% Arabica coffee perfect for preparing a tasty traditional coffee gelato or in a modern key by offering it in the form of a cremino gelato or enriched with crumble.

easy mango
Easy Mango

Ready-to-use powdered product for making a delicious mango sorbet. With dehydrated mango juice and only natural colourings.  

easy cocco plant-based
Easy Coconut Plant-Based

Ready-to-use powdered product for making a pleasant coconut sorbet. Dairy-free but at the same time extremely creamy and rich in taste.

base gran latte 330
Gran Latte 330 Base

The ideal base for those looking for a complete and easy-to-use product. It is extremely versatile: it can be cold-processed by adding only milk.

base panna 100 a freddo
Panna 100 Base (cold)

Suitable for the preparation of cream-flavoured gelato, ideal for stracciatella and variegati. Exceptionally practical and good hold in the pan.

anacardi pralinati miele e sale
Pralined Cashews Honey and Salt

Cashew is among the trendiest dried fruits of the moment. It is enriched with honey, which becomes crunchy praline, and made irresistible by the addition of salt.


Download the 2024 new products brochure

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Download the 2024 new products brochure

Ita/Eng/Deu Esp/Fra/Pol

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