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Iced Latte e Smoothies - Leagel
Iced Latte & Smoothies

Try Iced Latte e Smoothies with the new products Loveria and Fruitcub3 by Leagel by Leagel, a breath of fresh air in gelato parlours and cafés! Just a few ingredients for fresh and colourful drinks that will surprise you right from the first sip.


FRUITCUB3 is a complete product with a fruit content of over 70%, easy to use and perfect for preparing tasty sorbets and other refreshing drinks such as Sicilian granitas, cocktails and smoothies.

Choco Flakes Pistachio
Choco Flakes Pistachio Rippling Sauce

Choco Flakes Pistachio is the new pistachio and white chocolate flavoured sauce enriched with fragrant corn flakes that give the gelato crunchiness and originality.

Buonissimo White Rippling Sauce
Buonissimo! White Rippling Sauce

The Buonissimo! White Rippling Sauce is a white chocolate flavoured cream with crispy chopped chocolate wafers inside.

Chai Latte - gelato for the soul
Chai Latte

Chai Latte is the result of blending green tea with Indian herbs and spices. Discover this original gelato flavour that restores mind and spirit.

Yogurt 50 GMS Leagel
Yogurt 50 GMS

A new product of excellence with a high percentage of powdered yoghurt and only natural flavours, ideal for preparing a gelato with an inimitable and fresh taste.

Choco Speculoos
Choco Speculoos

From the Belgian tradition, a product with a unique sweetness and a slight hint of cinnamon that everyone likes for its velvety texture and irresistible color.

Choco Raspberry Rippling Sauce
Choco Raspberry Rippling Sauce

The sweetness of white chocolate is combined with the fresh note of raspberries in the new Choco Raspberry rippling sauce, a delicate and fruity product that blends different textures and aromas.

Choco Lemon Rippling Sauce
Choco Lemon Rippling Sauce

Delicious lemon shortbread grains in a white chocolate cream with an unmistakable citrus flavour.

Lingonberry Rippling Sauce
Lingonberry Rippling Sauce

A new rippling sauce with acidic taste and scarlet color, perfect for offering original combinations, especially with yoghurt or other cheeses.

Lemon with Peel Rippling Sauce
Lemon (with Peel) Rippling Sauce

A tasty product, with an intense taste thanks to the essential oils extracted from fresh lemons and the fleshyness of candied peel.

Bacio di Dama Kit
Bacio di Dama Kit

The famous biscuit of the Italian tradition in an intense paste and a delicious rippling sauce that perfectly reproduce the unmistakable Bacio di Dama taste.

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