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POWER is the new line of Leagel powdered products for a gelato with three times as much protein as the traditional one and with a low fat content, perfect for those who want to keep fit while indulging in artisan gelato.

Monorigine Chocolate

Discover the intense Leagel dark chocolate gelato and taste the aromas of the finest Monorigine cocoas. Pungent, rich, fruity: each variation inspires a journey to the origins of taste to tell the excellence of a product with an authentic character.

Choco Flakes Pistachio
Choco Flakes – Pistachio Rippling Sauce

Choco Flakes Pistachio is the new pistachio and white chocolate flavoured sauce enriched with fragrant corn flakes that give the gelato crunchiness and originality.

Fruitcub3 Prickly Pear

Mediterranean vibes in your gelato parlour with the new PRICKLY PEAR Fruitcub3: the right mix of sweetness and acidity with pleasant fresh and thirst-quenching scents.

Fruitcub3 Mulberry

From the soft and juicy MULBERRIES we have created a new product for your gelato parlour that reminds of old flavours, naturally sweet and fragrant.

Fruitcub3 Guava
Fruitcub3 Guava

Exotic pleasure We have selected the best GUAVA variety to make it a delicious coral-coloured concentrated paste, perfect for exotic sorbets with strong aromatic notes. FRUITCUB3 is the practical and revolutionary solution for a natural and tasty gelato. Many flavours and a single common denominator: a very high percentage of fruit and quality raw materials. […]

Vegan Rice Cream
Vegan Rice Cream

A unique texture, creamy and crispy, with a lot of rice grains and a genuine taste inspired by a famous dessert of the Tuscan confectionery tradition in a vegan version.

Centurione base
Centurione Base

The latest Leagel base perfect for preparing a creamy and highly structured gelato. An exclusive recipe without flavourings and with a neutral taste.

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