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Cremosette is the perfect creamy spread for pastry applications! Surprising taste and texture for desserts and baked pastries filled and decorated to perfection.


Kefir: the traditional fermented milk rich in probiotics becomes a gelato flavour. A new range of ready-to-use,
colourful and original powder products, designed to bring all the intensity of kefir to your gelato parlour in
combination with fruits, vegetables and cereals.

Kefir 50 GMS
Kefir 50 Gelato Master School

Kefir 50 Gelato Master School is the new product for preparing an intense and authentic kefir-flavoured gelato.

Loveria Almond
Loveria Almond

Loveria Almond is an gelato cream with a special rustic finish.

Loveria Crunchy - Dark Chocolate
Loveria Crunchy – Dark Chocolate

The hugely popular Loveria Dark is now available in a brand new Crunchy version. This vegan paste contains a luxurious cascade of toasted and sugared cocoa nibs.

Blood Orange, Turmeric and Chili Pepper
Blood Orange, Turmeric and Chili Pepper

Try Red Orange, Curcuma and Chili Pepper and bring a breath of freshness and originality to your gelato parlour.

Apple, Kiwi and Avocado
Apple, Kiwi and Avocado

The new Apple, Kiwi and Avocado flavour is perfect for those looking for a simple way to offer a vegan gelato inspired by the fruit and vegetable juice and smoothie trend.

Mandarin (with peel) Rippling Sauce
Mandarin (with Peel) Rippling Sauce

This thick and brightly coloured sauce has a naturally sweet and aromatic flavour and is packed with slivers of candied peel.

Fruitcub3 Pomegranate
Fruitcub3 Pomegranate

The new Fruitcub3 flavour offers all the vibrancy of vermilion and an explosion of flavour from the crunchy, juicy seeds.

Fruitcub3 Ananas
Fruitcub3 Pineapple

Try this new fruit concentrate for an authentic and natural gelato: an incredibly fresh and versatile product loaded with pieces of fruit.

Hazelnut Imperiale
Hazelnut “Imperiale” Paste

Italian hazelnut paste with a pronounced roast. It is characterised by its intense colour and strong flavour.

Delivery Plus Improver
Delivery Plus (Improver)

Delivery Plus is the ideal improver for a product that can be stored in a home freezer without losing the characteristic properties of artisan gelato, offering the same sensory experience as a freshly served cone.

Fiber Plus (improver)
Fiber Plus (Improver)

Fiber Plus is an improver to correct structural problems in gelato, binding the water molecules and reducing the formation of ice crystals, also limiting surface sheen in displays.

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