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Inspired by the great dishes of the best starred cuisine, we have decided to use this winning taste mix even in the sector of homemade ice-cream making. Vegan Pear and Ginger is the new ice-cream flavour introduced by Leagel, ideal for those who are looking for new taste balances.

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Vegan Pear and Ginger is VeganOk-certified – the ethical certification for the vegan world –, an ideal product for people following a vegan diet, or for those who are just seeking a healthy and lactose-free ice cream. Moreover, ginger is a strong anti-inflammatory acting effectively on man’s digestive system. The preparation of the Vegan Pear and Ginger ice cream is quick and simple, and recreating this complex taste experience is possible in few steps even in the ice-cream making sector.

Code Description dosaggio-acqua imballo temperatura
152601 Vegan Pear and Ginger New! 450 gr 12 x 1,2 kg F
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