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Vanille Française

Only the best vanilla beans

There is a new name among the Leagel high-quality flavouring pastes: Vanille Française Paste. A product made of natural extracts from a rare variety of vanilla, with an exotic, sweet and tropical flavour. This new vanilla paste has an extraordinary sensorial profile, characterized by flowered and sugared aromatic notes.

Vanille Française, excellence in the ice cream parlour

Vanille Française is the best solution for those professionals who are constantly looking for high-quality products for their creations, both in the ice cream and pastry shop, as they are used to deal with pure raw materials in their laboratories. Using Vanille Française in your ice cream parlour means using the best kind of vanilla beans to make your ice cream.

The video recipe!

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Code Description Gluten free dosaggio kg imballo temperatura
315205 Vanille Française Paste 30g 2 x 3,5 Kg C
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