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Ice Mix is the new Leagel sparkling idea to live the aperitif atmosphere also at your ice-cream parlour. Create your aperitif ice cream offer!

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Any kind of alcoholic ice cream!

With the Ice Mix line products you can easily prepare any kind of alcoholic ice cream and, for a moment, your ice-cream parlour turns into an authentic chiringuito or a prestigious cocktail bar.

Let’s start from the base!

Everything is simpler with Ice Mix. Ice Mix Base is an innovative product developed by Leagel R&D team to help you prepare a unique ice-cream flavour by adding to the recipe any type of alcohol component. With the new Ice Mix Base you can prepare alcoholic flavours with a perfect texture, overcoming all structural and consistency problems typical of this ice-cream category.

Create your aperitif ice cream offer

The kit also includes the Ice Mix Recipe Book with many ideas and recipes inspired by the most famous cocktails and the finest alcohol combinations. The recipe book will help you balancing the ingredients during the preparation of alcoholic recipes. Create your offer and make your customers toast with an alcoholic ice cream!

Ice Mix Recipe Book

Ice-cream man, one spritz please!

Leagel present the new Spz Paste to bring the most famous aperitif cocktail in the world also to your ice-cream parlour. Prepare the Spritz flavour in a few simple steps and you will have a cheerful unique-taste ice cream that cannot go unnoticed! Create your offer and make your customers toast with the Spritz-flavoured ice cream!


Cod. Prodotto Recipe imballo temperatura
126701 Ice Mix Base 300 g 14 x 1 kg Cold
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