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Not an ordinary panettone

Make artisan panettone and colomba tasty and scenic and distinguish yourself from the competition by enriching your offer with trendy and irresistible proposals!

Fill them with the wide range of Cremosette spreads, coat them with PastryCover and decorate with Crumble and dried fruit Grains: you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Cremosette is the perfect creamy spread for pastry applications! Surprising taste and texture for desserts and baked pastries filled and decorated to perfection. Available in 10 different flavours!


PastryCover is the brand new line of anhydrous coverings with a perfect matt finish designed for glazing leavened pastries such as panettone, colomba and croissants, but also choux pastries and eclairs, donuts and biscuits.


Finally, for a crunchy and unexpected twist, choose Leagel’s dried fruit Grains and Crumbles: a combination of delicious taste and mouth-watering texture!

Download the brand new PANETTONE & CO. recipe book!

Download the brand new Panettone & Co. recipe book with 16 combination ideas for your leavened pastries, donuts or croissants! From the best-loved traditional flavours to more contemporary ones. Follow our tips or create your own recipe!

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