It’s Trolls-mania at gelato parlours

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gelato trolls by leagel

A popular gelato flavour

From north to south there is a new trend in gelato parlours: it’s Trolls gelato by Leagel! Cream and raspberry meet a crunchy white chocolate and spirulina covering in 100% natural blue colour, all enriched by the fragrant red fruit Crumble.

Irresistible“, as defined by those who have chosen it for their shop, and so say the customers who, once spotted in the display case, never leave it again.

“The fruity flavour is very much appreciated by children“, says Michele Nasti of the Eiscafé Casal in Karlsruhe (Germany), and continues: “This novelty has brought visibility among kids, who can’t wait to come back to us!”.

Mini Trolls are the ultimate collectible gadgets

But that’s not all, the collectible Mini Trolls gadgets have also made their way to both children and teens. The gadgets, so cool and playable, are unique and a real novelty in the gelato shop. Mr. Nasti recounts how it often happens that even more than one gadget is given as a gift “to some child who is particularly eager to complete the collection!”.

Franco Fulgoni of the Caraibi’s ice-cream parlour in Parma (Italy), on the other hand, explains how the gadgets convince at first sight and consequently stimulate curiosity about the gelato flavour: “Mini Trolls are undoubtedly the key to entry but, once tasted, the flavour convinces and is chosen regardless of the gadget. We have made an impression among both children and teenagers up to the age of 16/17!”.

gadget trolls

Trolls Gelato: a real sales success

From gelato and soft serve to birthday cakes, gelato on a stick and milkshakes – there is plenty to choose from. The Trolls project is an all-round sales success that appeals to gelato makers and customers alike and that, thanks to its rich point-of-sale communication material and the versatility of its products, never ceases to amaze.

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