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Rimini, 22nd January 2014 – Reality has exceeded all expectations. Rimini Fiera kicks off 2014 with an extraordinarily positive sign for Italy´s economy in a strategic sector with a very high export profile, with artisan gelato as a wonderful ambassador for Italian food worldwide. Leagel confirmed its status as a dynamic, innovative company by presenting several new products this year. Some examples are its Cheesecake Gelato, inspired by the renowned American dessert; a new Lemon Topping, to enrich the Stickaway® line of ice-cream on a stick; and Loveria, a delicious and versatile cream. With Loveria, Leagel offers ice-cream makers a new way to enrich and marble their ice-cream, prepare chocolate-covered ice-creams on a stick and fill the inside of ice-cream cones, making them creamy and chocolaty. Loveria is available in 4 flavours: Classic, White Chocolate, Hazelnut and Pistachio, for a full, innovative and captivating range of flavours offered at ice-cream parlours!

Sigep 2014 will be particularly remembered for Fruitube, the absolute protagonist of this edition of the event. Fruitube is an all-fruit tube, delicious and natural, which literally stunned and left quite an impression on the thousands of people who visited the demo area of Leagel’s Fruitube. A veritable explosion of flavour where, among live demonstrations by our master ice-cream makers and tastings of different versions of the product, spectators were able to take a close look at the main characteristics of Fruitube: genuine, all-natural ingredients and easy to prepare. During the event our master ice-cream makers presented numerous new ideas and recipes to help ice-cream makers prepare new and captivating versions of Fruitube, using not only fruit but also juiced vegetables, juices, yoghurt and… cocktails! Fruitube Cocktails were the novelty that won the hearts of visitors, journalists and food bloggers alike, all enthusiastic about the traditional versions of the most famous summer cocktails recreated in full Fruitube style. For an explosion of flavour and fun at ice-cream parlours as well!

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