The new milk bases: “Green” and “Eccelsa”

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base green

Base Green is the base coming directly from the hands of mother nature, is characterized by the particular care in the selection of ingredients strictly l 00% natural, it contains no emulsifiers or vegetable fats. The only additive is in the flour, locust bean totally natura! thickener, obtained by grinding the seeds of the carob. Base green is the true flavour of the cream, the fresh taste of the milk and ali the naturalness of a white base with a green heart.


base latte eccelsaBase Eccelsa is the latest evolution in terms of technique an d quality of Leagel’ s R&D, the result of an extensive study to achieve the best results in terms of structure regarding ice cream. Using Base Eccelsa you get an ice cream that rises to the top talking of taste and texture, creamy, warm and amazingly soft to the palate.
With the latest generation of ingredients for an excellent ice cream.

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