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We got to the East Coast to catch the full taste of the Lemon Pie, a worldwide famous pie due to its fresh contrasting flavours, and we have used it in our new special kit.

With the Lemon Pie Kit you get the chance to recreate this exquisite pie in the form of lemon and white chocolate-flavoured ice cream by using the special Lemon Pie paste and then covering it with a soft natural-coloured and sharp-tasting Lemon Icing. Delicious shortbread crumbs, which you may likewise add on or underneath the ice cream, finally complement this flavour, leaving you with the amazing sensation of biting a slice of Lemon Pie… made in ice cream shape!

405801 “Lemon Pie” kit New! Composed by:
3,5 kg Lemon Pie paste
+ 6 kg Lemon Pie rippling sauce
+ 2 kg Lemon Pie grain
+ 1 ice cream label
+ 1 instruction sheet
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