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Leagel America Do Sul Ltda is the leader in Brazil in the production of semi-finished products for gelato. Founded in 2001 in Sete Lagoas, in central Brazil, Leagel America do Sul is a production affiliate of Leagel San Marino created to serve and manage directly the South American market.

Leagel America Do Sul has managed to become in a few years in Brazil the point of reference for the entire branch of Italian gelato, a market with great potential and a huge desire to expand.

We were the first to produce directly in Brazil, and before that, products were imported. Thanks to a continuous and accurate raw materials research and fresh and typical Brazilian ingredients we have been able to create new flavours and combinations.

Being innovative, creative and dynamic, Leagel America Do Sul is close to its customers. Dedication, friendliness and flexibility characterize a team that devotes every day love and professionalism to its own job and to the sweet world of ice cream.



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