A 4 kg gelato pan

time to prepare
30 minutes

Orange, Tumeric & Chili Pepper

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Imagine an unconventional sorbet, fresh and spicy, with the sweet and intense note of Sicilian blood orange, the spicy touch of chili and the sophisticated flavor of turmeric: this is Orange, Turmeric & Chili Pepper.


  1. weigh 170 g of sucrose per kg of mix
  2. add 55 g of Glucosil GMS per kg of mix
  3. add 35 g of Fruit Base 50 GMS per kg of mix
  4. pour 455 g of water per kg of mix into a pitcher
  5. add the previously mixed solid ingredients
  6. add 200 g of orange juice per kg of mix
  7. add 40 g of Blood Orange Paste (part A) per kg of mix
  8. add 40 g of Blood Orange Paste (part B) per kg of mix
  9. add 3 g of tumeric powder per kg of mix
  10. dd 1/2 g of minced fresh chili pepper per kg of mix
  11. mix it
  12. freeze it
  13. complete the decoration


  • Glucosil GMS
  • Fruit Base 50 GMS
  • Blood Orange Paste (part A)
  • Blood Orange Paste (part B)
  • orange juice
  • tumeric powder
  • minced fresh chili pepper
  • decoration

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