A 4 kg gelato pan.

time to prepare
90 minutes

Kefir & Quinoa

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Kefir: the traditional fermented milk rich in probiotics becomes a gelato flavour. A new range of ready-to-use powder products designed to bring all the intensity of kefir to your gelato parlour in combination with fruits, vegetables and cereals. Fresh and pleasantly acidulous taste and silky texture: discover the full range!

Here is Kefir & Quinoa with crunchy quinoa grains.


  1. weigh 2500 g of lukewarm milk (50°C)
  2. add one pack of Kefir and Quinoa (1150 g)
  3. mix it
  4. wait 1 hour
  5. freeze it
  6. complete the decoration


  • Kefir and Quinoa
  • Milk
  • Decoration

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