A 4 kg pan

time to prepare
30 minutes

Crema Delizia

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Try the surprising combination of raspberry and crispy pistachio in a sweet and delicate vanilla gelato: Crema Delizia is the new fruity and indulgent flavour that attracts at first glance.


  1. weigh 30 g of Prestige Vanilla Paste per kg of mix
  2. mix it
  3. freeze it
  4. add some Raspberry Rippling Sauce
  5. add some ChocoPistachio Rippling Sauce and some Pistachio Grain
  6. finish rippling
  7. complete the decoration


  • Prestige Vanilla Paste
  • Raspberry Rippling Sauce
  • ChocoPistachio Rippling Sauce
  • Pistachio Grain

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