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Proteinplus Gelato Master School

Milk proteins play a key role in ice cream as they determine its emulsion and creaminess, which are essential features for a top-quality ice cream. The main source of milk proteins in ice cream comes from the skimmed milk powder, which however contains about 30% of them, and only 25% is represented by its noblest […]

Glucosil Gelato Master School

Glucosil is a sucrose-alternative sugar blend, the perfect mix to optimize the ice cream’s sweetness degree and improve its structure. Glucosil is made of maltodextrin, glucose and dextrose syrup, specifically developed to obtain a creamy and spreadable ice cream. When freezing, Glucosil optimizes the water cooling curve inside the ice-cream mixture, making nucleation and growth […]

Neutral Gelato Master School

Neutral GMS originates from the wish of having a briefly and clearly labelled ice cream, without disadvantaging its structure and spreadability.

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