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The preparation of citrus-flavoured ice cream is always a very delicate process and often the final result does not meet the ice-cream maker’s initial expectations. Leagel introduces the Citrus Line, a range of products developed on the basis of the excellent resources of the Italian territory. It is precisely intended to help ice-cream makers looking for top-quality citrus-flavoured ice cream, whose raw material’s aromatic hints can be easily distinguished and enhanced in a perfect balance.

The Ciaculli late-season Mandarin is cultivated in the surroundings of Palermo, and its main features are a strong aroma and high sugar content. Its essential oils are preserved in Leagel’s product Ciaculli late-season Mandarin in order to help ice-cream makers during the preparation of mandarin ice cream with strong and persistent flavours. This product is made of two components, which are mixed during the preparation process: A, containing the aromatic part and colour, and B, containing the fruit juice and acidity.

Code Description dosaggio kg imballo temperatura
327230 Tardivo di Ciaculli Mandarin Part A Paste New! 40 6 x 1,5 kg C
327130 Tardivo di Ciaculli Mandarin Part B Paste New! 40 6 x 1,5 kg C
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