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The Sicilian excellence in your ice-cream parlour

Bronte pistachios, known and appreciated all over the world for their intense flavour, grow in the volcanic soil of Mount Etna’s slopes, and are harvested by hand every two years and processed within 24 hours from harvesting. This is the only secret of the queen of the Italian delights in the ice-cream parlour, the flagship of the Leagel pistachio paste line.

A “Gold” paste

This product is added to the Gold Line dedicated to those who are constantly looking for the highest quality, guaranteed by the PDO certification. As all the Gold Line products, even this paste does not contain flavourings, colourings or preservatives.

Code Description Dosaggio Packaging Method of working
214905 PDO Green Bronte Pistachio Paste 80 g 1 x 3,5 kg Cold
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