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Milk chocolate Loveria cream

A new entry in the Loveria family, to satisfy the palates of children and ice-cream lovers of all ages! Try it to create new combinations of “cremino gelato”, now a must-have in the best ice-cream parlours, adding a layer of delicious Loveria Milk cream to the traditional handmade ice cream!

Loveria Milk can be used to ripple ice cream, decorate semifreddos, cakes and fill crêpes. Thanks to its particular features, Loveria can also be tasted just as it is or used to create new and original ideas! Fill the inside of the cone! Use it in the spectacular fountains together with its sisters Classic, Pistachio, Hazelnut, etc.

The video recipe!

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Milk Passion

Loveria Latte - Milk Passion

– Maracuja Paste
– Fruit Passion Variegato
– Loveria Milk

Crème Parisienne

Loveria Latte - Crème Parisienne (1)

– Vanille Française
– Stickaway Caramel
– Loveria Milk

Code Description Dosaggio Packaging Method of working
233001 Loveria Milk 2 x 5,5 kg Cold
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