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The preparation of citrus-flavoured ice cream is always a very delicate process and often the final result does not meet the ice-cream maker’s initial expectations. Leagel introduces the Citrus Line, a range of products developed on the basis of the excellent resources of the Italian territory. It is precisely intended to help ice-cream makers looking for top-quality citrus-flavoured ice cream, whose raw material’s aromatic hints can be easily distinguished and enhanced in a perfect balance.

The fruit of Primofiore Lemon is cultivated in the province of Siracusa, ripens between October and March and is squeezed in winter. This lemon is ranked among the best in the world due to the high quality of its essential oils, which Leagel has preserved in its product Primofiore Sicilian Lemon, a mix of essential oils that give the ice cream a superb taste and flavour. This product is made of two components, which are mixed during the preparation process: A, containing the aromatic part, and B, containing the fruit juice and acidity.

Code Description dosaggio kg imballo temperatura
327430 Lemon Sicily Primofiore Part A Paste New! 40 6 x 1,5 kg C
327330 Lemon Sicily Primofiore Part B Paste New! 40 6 x 1,5 kg C
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