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Hugo Paste - Hugo ice cream


Ice Mix is the new Leagel sparkling idea to live the aperitif atmosphere also at your ice-cream parlour! With the Ice Mix line products you can easily prepare any kind of alcoholic ice cream and, for a moment, your ice-cream parlour turns into an authentic chiringuito or a prestigious cocktail bar.

Hugo, from the glass to the cone!

With the new Hugo Paste you can prepare a perfect aperitif cocktail. Place the Hugo flavour in your showcase, recreating the famous aperitif cocktail of Trento with a prosecco base and elderflower syrup: a fresh, tasty and fruity aperitif. Create your offer and make your customers toast with your Hugo ice cream!

Code Product dosaggio-acqua imballo temperatura
314605 Hugo Paste New! • 1500 g / 1700 g water
• 1000 g Leagel Ice Mix Base
• 1000 g Prosecco
• 170 g di Leagel Hugo Paste
2 x 3,5 kg Cold
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