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Base Natura 100 Gelato Master School

Natural Innovation

Base Natura 100 GMS is the innovative product developed by Leagel R&D department to meet the requirements of both ice-cream makers and consumers, who are looking for a 100% natural vanilla homemade ice cream with no emulsifiers.

A “short-label” ice cream

Thanks to Base Natura 100 GMS ice-cream makers will be able to create a completely natural product, free from monodiglycerides and only with thickeners of natural origin, like guar and carob. Leagel explores the latest taste trends and offers an innovative base, result of a long research: a product characterised by a short label, rich in milk proteins and vegetable fibres (such as Alpha-cyclodextrin), with no emulsifiers and, by choice, no flavourings.

Code Description Dosage Packaging Method of working
115801 Base Natura 100 Gelato Master School New! 100 gr 6 x 2 kg H
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