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Milk proteins play a key role in ice cream as they determine its emulsion and creaminess, which are essential features for a top-quality ice cream. The main source of milk proteins in ice cream comes from the skimmed milk powder, which however contains about 30% of them, and only 25% is represented by its noblest part, namely the beta and lactoglobulins. This low milk proteins’ percentage may then set a limit to the production of top-quality ice cream. Leagel has developed ProteinPlus GMS, a mixture of high biological value milk powder and proteins (beta and lactoglobulins), in order to enrich and optimize the percentage of milk proteins in ice cream.

Proteinplus is obtained by means of a particular technology enabling a bond between milk proteins and soy lecithin, a 100% vegetable emulsifier, which increases milk proteins’ reactivity when the important emulsion among water, air and fats actually takes place.

Proteinplus acts by considerably improving the ice cream’s structure and creaminess and it is particularly suitable for ice creams which do not contain vegetable fats.

Code Description dosaggio kg imballo temperatura
142001 Proteinplus New! 40 gr 6 x 2 kg Cold
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