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Blackboard Flavours Labels, the brand-new key for success

Blackboard Flavours Labels, designed by Leagel, are the ultimate innovation for homemade ice cream. The idea, outcome of a careful study of the current trends and refined design, aims at meeting the needs of national and international ice-cream shops on the following themes: design, simplicity and communication. The result is a flavour label with a vintage allure, whose appearance recalls a slate blackboard, but which is actually 100% food grade PVC. Moreover, it is elegant, safe, handy and fully customizable. A product which stands out from the others and helps your ice-cream shop stand out! But let’s discover the secrets of the success of the new Leagel flavour labels:

Modern yet vintage design

The appearance of the new flavour labels is a clear tribute to the past: the slate blackboard warms the communication of the display window and becomes a meaningful vintage piece of furniture.

Blackboard Flavours Labels, modern and vintage design

Highly customizable

Every flavour label is easily customizable thanks to the white marker pen included in the kit. Thus, it is possible to emphasize the strengths and features that make your ice-cream unique (PGI, PDO, “Grandma’s recipe”, etc.), inform your customers and add a refined touch of class to your shop.

Blackboard Flavours Labels: higly customizable

Not only in tubs

…but also beside the steel lids, the jars, the toppings, or in the display window in front of single-portion cups, ice-cream sticks, cakes or chilled desserts. By bending the stem of the flavour label, you will obtain a card, perfect to be placed on a plain surface. Here’s an example:

Blackboard Flavours Labels: not only in tubs

A complete kit

Leagel provides the ice-cream maker with an elegant package containing 50 Blackboard Flavours Labels and a white marker pen for customization.

Blackboard Flavours Labels: a complete kit


You can erase the white writings on the blackboard with the wipe of a damp cloth and, by using the supplied marker pen, you can customize them again and again! The Blackboard Flavours Labels are truly long-lasting!

Blackboard Flavours Labels: re-usable

450502 Kit of 50 blackboard flavours labels for the showcase
Composed by:
50 blackboard flavours labels
+ 1 white marker pen

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