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KEFIR GELATO: taste the balance!

Kefir Gelato is the ultimate gelato revolution by Leagel! A range of ready-to-use powder products designed to combine the intense taste of kefir with fruits, vegetables and cereals. Launched at SigepExp 2021, the line was a great success due to its originality and absolute innovation in the sector.

The new Leagel products

The traditional fermented milk rich in probiotics from the Caucasus finally becomes artisan gelato with the 3 new “Easy” flavours by Leagel! Try them now!

Kefir Multivita


with mango, pineapple and orange

Kefir Purple Bomb


with blueberry, red grapes, beetroot and black carrot

Kefir e Quinoa


with lots of crunchy quinoa grains

Kefir as food trend of 2021

The natural tastiness of the three colourful proposals for an original and trendy gelato display case! Did you know that the consumption of kefir in Europe has increased by more than 350% since 2017? And for the future too, the numbers identify it as a successful trend…

Bring this novelty to your gelato shop and try the fresh and pleasantly sour flavour of Kefir Gelato!

The perfect recipe

Preparing the three flavours of the Kefir Gelato range is very quick: just add one bag of product to 2.5 litres of milk for a perfectly structured gelato with a silky texture. Easy, isn’t it?

Soft serve

Kefir soft

All the creaminess and refreshing taste of the original fermented drink also available for soft serve machines with Frozen Kefir, Kefir Multivita and Kefir Purple Bomb!

How to set up your shop

Communicate with your customers in a practical and effective way! Display the advertising sign and invite them to taste the new Kefir flavours with the dedicated flavour signs.

<< Would you like to try the new products of the Kefir Gelato range? Write us now to find out how! >>

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