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Give extra crunch to your gelato and pastry creations with our Gluten Free Crumble, ideal for preparing original combinations in taste and texture! Crumble is a versatile and ready-to-use product available in three timeless flavours: Classic with Butter, Cocoa and Caramel.

Crumble is a fragrant crumbled dough made from rice flour. The “Classic with Butter” version is characterised by a typical buttery aroma with a delicate hint of almonds, due to the presence of almond flour in it. The ‘Cocoa’ version, on the other hand, surprises with its strong flavour and texture enhanced by ground cocoa beans. Finally, the ‘Caramel’ version is outstanding for its sweet taste mellowed by a hint of bitterness that tickles the palate.

Crumble does not absorb any moisture and lends itself to various applications in the world of ice cream, pastry and beverages. You can use it to ripple your gelato or to create a layer inside it or on the surface, to prepare a base for cakes and single-portions, in refined plated desserts, to add a crunchy touch to your creamy desserts, to bake traditional tarts as well as to enrich drinks and coffee specialties.

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Download the brand new Crumble recipe book with 12 original and delicious ideas for your gelato parlour! From traditional to international flavours… you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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Find out how to use our gluten free Crumble!

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