Fruity and Veggy: discover the mouth-watering side of nature!

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Fruity and Veggy is the new line of VEGAN OK certified ready-to-use powder products based on carefully selected and expertly balanced raw materials for an extraordinary sensory experience. Its products are inspired by extracts and smoothies based on fruit, vegetables and spices and facilitate the gelato maker in the preparation of elaborate sorbets with an uncommon taste.

The range of flavours includes ‘Red Orange, Turmeric and Chilli’, ‘Apple, Kiwi and Avocado’, ‘Pear and Ginger’, ‘Bilberry, Elderberry and Lemon’ and the brand new ‘Pink Grapefruit, Bergamot and Pink Pepper’ and ‘Carrot, Apple and Ginger’: two refreshing and scented flavours that combine sweet and pungent, sour and aromatic notes in a perfect balance.

With dehydrated grapefruit juice and pulp, natural bergamot flavouring and whole pink peppercorns, ‘Pink Grapefruit, Bergamot and Pink Pepper‘ is an extremely refined combination for the artisan gelato maker, with a natural, delicate colour that conveys all its elegance.

In ‘Carrot, Apple and Ginger‘ the strong taste of carrots meets the sweetness and softness of apples and ends with the slightly pungent hint of ginger, resulting in a balanced and energising sorbet. The product is made with dehydrated apple puree, dehydrated carrot juice and powdered ginger.

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